Blago And The Magical Mystery Innocence Tour.

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Yesterday, instead of attending his impeachment hearing,  Illinous Governor Rod Blagojevich was making the round on the talk show circuit. I watch a little of the Larry King interview last night. Two things struck me.

  • Larry King actually seemed to be asking hardball questions.
  • Rod Blagojevich looks like a fool. The Legislature wants you out of office because you helped get health care to the elderly and the poor? The Democratic Legislature? Really????

Is anyone else laughing at Rod Blagojevich as hard as I am?

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Ted Haggard… Again.

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Another past gay affair is revealed. A part of me does feel bad for the guy. I remember what it was like, before I accepted that I was gay. I tried to be straight. But how I would fight myself, only to skulk and sneak around when I was sure none my friends or family would find out. Yes I did some dumb things (not scandalously dumb, but dumb to me) when I was in the closet, so I do understand. But I didn’t have a girlfriend, wife or kids, nor did I belong to a church, so the pressure on Haggard must be so much more than I ever experienced. Actually, I take that back, the pressure is the same, that’s why it leads to these behaviors. Haggard absolutely will not find peace until he settles in his heart and soul who he is, and gets on with his life. This life is too short to live with such pain that he is forcing upon himself. Mr. Haggard, it is time for you to breathe.

Obama's Stimulus Package = The Patriot Act of 2009? – UPDATE

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So Obama wants Congress to pass the stimulus bill of $825 Billion plus by mid February. That’s about two weeks away. It sounds like a long time, but we’re talking about a heck of a lot of money. Do any of the liberals championing this remember the way the last rushed stimulus package turned out? They still don’t know where much of the money went. Does the first stimulus package have oversight yet?. Remember the CBO was worried about the difficulty of hiring people who can understand the intensely complicated financial work involved (not one of the millionaires on Capital Hill knows a capable accountant?). Is this bill any less complicated? Do any of the liberals championing this package of pork remember the outrage of their liberal constituents and the way they had  to run for cover after it was revealed they passed the Patriot Act without reading it? Because, they said,  they were not given enough time to do so??? Of course, since they were voted back into office, maybe reading bills and contemplating the long term, or even short term consequences just doesn’t matter anymore.

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Karl Rove Suopenaed

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This isn’t the first time. But this time, now that Bush is no longer in office, he does not have executive priviledge to fall back on….. or does he? According to CNN’s Wolfe Blitzer, Rove may be trying to extend this priviledge into Obama’s Presidency, making it a kind of blanket Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card. I’m not a legal expert, but this sounds silly to me.  Here’s the story so far. Stay tuned.