Nobody's Got Shampoo!

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New Vid’s for Cliffie.

If you close your eye, you really do feel like you’re in Guitar Center on a bad day.

There’s a Toto one too.

Don’t forget Ozzy. Watch for Jake E Lee when he detunes the guitar.

Hat Tip: Insta-P

Label: 60 Minutes Is Anti-Israel

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60 Minutes just aired a quite stark and honest piece on the Israeli / Palestinian conflict, basically saying that Israel has established an Apartheid state of governance in Gaza and the West Bank. Included was the fact that the Israeli army regularly quarters troops in the occupied territories, something that is unthinkable here in the U. S., thanks to the Third Amendment in the Bill Of Rights. The piece did not paint the Palestinians as saints, but highlighted the impossible stalemate that exists in the region. This was honest reporting, on a situation that affects us all. I just wonder how long it will be before someone calls 60 Minutes Anti-Israel.

PS. If you want my views on this subject, they are probably as close to Dan Carlin’s views as anyone. Listen to “The Sampson Suicide Pact” for a pretty good summary.

More Obamanomics

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I am told the high you get off this stuff is about 68 percent.