Czars to replace Congress.

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Hey, at this point, even with the Van Jones quality of Czars, it would be an undeniable improvement.

Picture Hat Tip: Sullivan.

Canceling Missile Defense In Poland / Czechoslovakia – What’s The Big Deal?

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I don’t have a problem with this. Here’s why.

Look as this in pure strategic terms. Whose missiles are we potentially going to have to shoot down? Russia’s? China’s? They won’t launch for the same reason they never did during the cold war- mutual assured destruction. If Russia, for whatever reason, decided to invade, SDI’ish systems would do nothing to stop them. I’m not a fan of Putin’s version of Russia, but we are no longer mortal enemies as we were thirty years ago. We no longer need to keep fighting the cold war. And besides, Russia has found a new much more effective weapon with which to wield its power… oil. Too bad we couldn’t won’t take a page from their book.

So, we aren’t fighting the Cold War. What about the war on terror? The biggest threat is Iran. Not only do they not have a nuke, but they don’t have a missile that could carry that payload to Europe even if they did. Lets assume they do get both nuke and a medium range missile in the next five year. OK. Who will the prime target be… Israel of course. Pull up a map. There is no way that an Iranian missile aimed at Israel could be intercepted by missiles fired from Poland. Once Pakistan falls to the Islamic hardliners, which is probably inevitable, the anti-missile shield based in Europe would not protect India, their greatest foe, from attack.

So I ask, why is it so important to have these systems in either Poland or Czechoslovakia? NATO, of which we’re a part of, the organization in charge of Europe’s military defense, is on record saying they don’t think it’s necessary to have them. Conservatives used to protest the fact that so much of our military capital is spent on defending Europe, and they need to learn to take on more of the burden – learn to stand on their own two feet. Well, here’s their chance.

And as far as building the system in Hawaii? Better to spend our dollars protecting ourselves and our liberty for a change, instead of squandering our resources in countries that don’t want it.

That’s it. Pick it apart my friends.

Mary Travers of Peter Paul & Mary Has Passed

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She was 72. The group was a tremendous influence on my music sensibilities, and I still adore and love the harmonies in their songs. My current band Acoustic Highway fits into the same mold as PP & M. We will probably perform “Puff The Magic Dragon” at Saturdays Patio Cafe gig in her honor. The group reunited several years ago to begin touring, and Travers performed with them until a few months ago, even when she needed assistance on stage. I would be so lucky to keep playing up to the end.



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We went a few weeks ago. This is a picture from Glacier Point. The picture is a panoramic composite of the view. (that didn’t work… will try again later) The big rock thing sticking out is Half Dome. I’ve been to the top twice. It’s a brutal hike, but well worth it. I want to point out that normally there is some haze that obscures the true grandeur of the view. On this day, even though there was a fire burning in the north-east portion of the park,  the view was much better than usual. I’m certain that this was by far the clearest view I’ve ever experience at the national park. Enjoy!

Yosemite Valley

Yosemite Valley

Ford’s Golden Touch – California, Not So Much.

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These days, it seems Ford  can do no wrong. The latest move – they are selling one of their old, currently idle manufacturing plants in Wixom Michigan to two green minded energy companies.  Here are some of the details:

Two companies plan to invest $725 million into renovating the former Ford factory. Clairvoyant Energy of Santa Barbara, California will relocate its headquarters and produce solar panels in Wixom. Xtreme Power of Austin, Texas plans to build large-scale batteries to store power for the electric grid and from wind farms.

The promise of over 4,000 new jobs in Michigan was enough to garner a series of large tax breaks from the state and millions of dollars worth of grants from the federal government. For its part, Ford seems quite pleased with the direction its idled plant will take. Says executive chairman Bill Ford: “This is very much in line with a core principle we hold at Ford… I can’t imagine a better way to use this facility for our children and our grandchildren. We’re going to put this plant and the skilled workers of Michigan back to work”.

It’s great PR for Ford, and congrats to Michigan  for figuring out how to lure new business to the state – lower taxes. Of course, there is another state that is losing out on these jobs. Because of the dysfunctional state government, overbearing regulatory bureaucratic environment,  extreme high cost of doing business in the state, and the ever increasing threat of even higher taxes, California will lose more jobs. So to the geniuses in Sacramento, say goodbye to Clairvoyant Energy, soon to be formerly of Santa Barbara, and the jobs it created.

California…  The New Detroit!!!

PS. I hope to have the three years of lost content restored from the previous hosting site so I can rebuild my blog back to it’s former glory.

Police Band Info

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Songs I have learned   /  performed:

With Chris:

  • So Lonely
  • Truth Hits Everybody
  • Message In A Bottle
  • Synchronicity II

I think there’s one more, but I can’t recall what it is.

With Rare Form:

  • Do Do Do

With Tribe Called Mike:

  • Born In The 60’s (BIT50’s with altered lyrics)

Songs I’d like to do:

  • Bring On The Night
  • Voices Inside My Head
  • Drive To Tears / When The World Is Running Down (must be performed together)
  • Demolition Man (hard for me, but I don’t care… Love This Song!)
  • Mrs Gradenko

Let me know what you guys would like to do in the comments.

Stupid Is – Repeating The Mistakes Of The Past And Expecting A Different Outcome.

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The Federal Housing Administration is apparently using the Country Wide business model to issue mortgages. Uhm, guys, that didn’t work out too well… when the economy was, you know, good. I guess Sting was right – History Will Teach Us Nothing.

The Blog Is Back!…. sort of

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OK. For those who haven’t been to my humble site in a while… you haven’t missed much. In fact, you’ve missed anything. Because of a major crash at my former hosting service, has been offline for over eight days. Notice I said former hosting service. I just transfered my domain hosting services a new company called Just Host. There is a strong likelihood that I have lost almost three years of blog history, which does not please me at all, but I was not getting much if any info concerning the core of the problems at the old hosting service. I had written them on several occasions asking for more info concerning the crash, and including the fact that I do have IT training and understand the lingo. A few days ago I got an email saying this:


We need to file-check against every account manually before restoring it. This is the reason for the delay. It will be completed within 5-6 hours. I ho

Yes, that is the message en-toto. It ends at I ho.  You can understand why I was frustrated and decided to part ways with this service provider. It’s too bad too, because I haven’t had any problems up til now; their service had been pretty reliable. But when the problems came, I was not treated as a valued customer, so it’s time to move on.  I may have lost all my previous bloggy stuff, including the modifications to the layout and a couple of long unfinished drafts concerning California’s continuing water woe’s and budget soap opera (there’s a chance I may be able to recover the old blog data, a slim chance) and eight days worth of e-mail (who cares), but the new host provides more features, more storage space and multiple domain hosting capabilities, all at lower cost. So I’ll call it a push.

Anyway, It feels good to be online again.

Hello world!

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