AGW – Why I’m A Skeptic.

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This is just one. What ever happened to “weather does not equal climate”???? Except when it does of course.

This is one of the major stumbling blocks of this arm of science. Seems no matter what happens, it can’t be disproved. Whether it’s col or hot, whether it’s drought or downpour, it’s always global warming that’s to blame. We were supposed to get more hurricanes. Then when it was shone that we weren’t getting more hurricanes, well then, we would get less hurricanes, but they would be bigger. When it was shown that they are only bigger because we, due to modern technology that hadn’t existed in the past, are measuring them more accurately than before, and have shown that past hurricanes have been bigger than we could measure, then it became, “Oh, they are more costlier” even though that has everything to do with an increase of more people living in hurricane prone areas, thus more damage to property, thus making the aftermath of the storms more costly (I swear some scientist really need to go back to school and study economics). Last year, when some climatologists were noting that, yes, warming has stalled in the last ten years. But this is not a problem. The globe IS STILL warming. Yes, global warming is still happening, even though we can’t feel it or even measure it.

Why can’t we….

Because it’s mysterious and hidden right now. It’s Masked!!!!!!

How convenient.

AGW Stupidity – Nip This One In The Bud.

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Sometimes, the Global Warming debate gets pretty silly. Right now, you are hearing many on the pro-AGW side crowing about how the record breaking blizzard is proof of Global Warming, not exactly a great PR move when you think about it, since they in fact are the first to argue that weather does not equal climate…. except when it does of course. You are also seeing many on the skeptic side scoff at this notion, since cold equals snow, and how can global warming make things colder. And then one pro AGW guy comes out of the woodwork and proclaims:

You idiots know that Vancouver has barely been getting snow this year, right? So if I were to follow your retard logic of MORE SNOW EQUALS NO GLOBAL WARMING, then doesn’t that mean LESS SNOW EQUALS MORE GLOBAL WARMING?.

Newsflash – No snow in Vancouver IS NORMAL!!!!! Part of my family live in the Seattle area, which is in the same Marine West Coast Climate Zone. They don’t get much snow due to warmer air from the Pacific Ocean. Here is an article from The Vancouver Sun written in 2003:
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