Caption This!

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ORA: Obama thought he was getting a lifesized version of Pulsar, The Ultimate Man Of Adventure off e-bay…. and ended up with a borring transportation secretary doll instead. The worst thing is, not only will Obama’s efforts to make the organs move never bring about a pulse in this thing, it didn’t come with any mission disks either!

Spam FAIL!

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When spam-bots try and induce you to piggy-back their spammy message on your blog, they install a spam filled comment on an older post. Non-bloggers may not get what I’m saying, but bloggers know…. They know. So this comment showed up on an older post:

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Now, it doesn’t make a lick of sense, and like most of the crap I write here on my blog, that is not uncommon. What IS uncommon is that there were no hyperlinks hidden within the text… How the hell are you going to infect me, or try to trick me to go to your malicious site if I have no where to go?????

Hey, Mr Spammer! You Suck! Don’t come back here until you’ve at least learned the simple basics of spamming. Jeez!