Rush Is Right?

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For the last two weeks, Rush has been telling the Republicans not to go to the Obama Health Care Summit. Here is some video of him giving this advise.

They went anyway…. and scored some points. You can tell because there is no news of “Obama’s Spectacular Triumph” to be found in today’s papers or in the news. Hell, even Obama’s # 1 blogger cheerleader is conceding his guy didn’t do great. For reference, this is what we usually see from Andrew Sullivan when anything Obama is the topic (Andrews love of all things Obama is a mirror image to Rush’s view of all things Obama. In the end, they kinda cancel each other out). It is ironic. For the last week, Rush was demanding that the Republicans not even go to the thing. Yet, as it turns out, they would have been in a weaker position, would have been void a positive political notch on the post had they followed his advise.

Even if they wouldn’t have come out ahead, as with the other Obama summits, at least the beer was probably good.

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Gay Goth…. FAIL!!!

Stolen From:  You Know Where.

Climategate Investigations – The Fix Is In Pt 2.

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So the inquisitors won’t contact the “deniers” when it concerns direct info related to the blocking of the FOI requests or the scientific disputes involved, but have no problem finding us concerning the e-mails that were apparently left on an unsecured server…..

I’m almost surprised.