Surprise Of The Week

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We have a government department called “The Exchanges with Historic Whaling and Trading Partners program”.

A bigger surprise, Andrew Sullivan, for some reason, wants to keep it, apparently.  I mean, come on. Yes, some of the rhetoric on spending cuts is silly, and don’t get me wrong, I have little faith in the ability of Republicans to actually make any real effort to balance the budget – I’ll believe it when I see it. But, that said,  I’m having a hard to justifying not cutting this one.

Sensitivity And Stupidity

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No, it’s not an unearthed Jane Austin novel –  it refers to an incident that occured on Facebook yesterday.

For those that missed it, the topic focused on something Bob, a straight long-time high school friend, said on his  Facebook page that is supposedly offensive to gays.  I’m one of those gay person types, and I wasn’t offended in the slightest.  I can’t think of a fellow gay type friend who would also have been offended.  His comment was similar to many jokes I’ve overheard gays chuckle about at many a gay bar in my time. Never the less, two of his friends de-friended him over the post. He’s a bit upset about that.

The ironic thing about this incident is, one of the things that often makes being gay such a struggle when you’re young – you greatly fear the loss of friends if they find out your “dark, disgusting” secret. I went way out of my way to make sure none of my friends in college knew. Even my sister, with whom I am very very close, and was my room-mate my first year at CSUF,, had no idea. As a result of hiding what I felt, who I was, I suffered a type of self imposed exile, a great loneliness, that to this day is still hard to describe.

So, Bob has these “gay friendly” friends with whom there is a disagreement. At the slightest provocation, what do these twits do? Why, de-friend him, of course!

Greek Prime Minister – Financial Advisor To Europe?

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Well, he is helping French President Nicolas Sarkozy push a Climate Change carbon tax, to be imposed on financial transactions. Now, maybe it’s just me, but, given the financial condition Greece is in (oh, BTW, in case you haven’t been paying close attention, it’s worse than we thought), I’m thinking that listening to this guy on matters of governance and finance might not be, well, lets just say that might not be the smartest move.

Hat Tip: Big Brained Lubos.

PS. To be fair, he only became Prime Minister in 2009, and inherited the mess. But he has been in the Greek Parliament since 1981, and there are no signs that he was anything close to fiscally conservative up to now. It so easy to recommend a tax… It’s other people’s money. And right now, Greece doesn’t have any of its own.

Climate Change Distemper!

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In the classroom. By an LSU professor. The guy is rabid. WOW! Just watch.

Malkin Award Nominee

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“One wonders when and if the mama grizzly will publicly apologize for her daughter’s use of the term “faggot”. She cannot claim her children are off-limits, when she uses them constantly to advance her own career. And in the wake of recent young gay suicides, Palin’s silence on this demonization of a peer is, while hardly unexpected, troubling. Imagine, for a second, if one of Obama’s daughters had done such a thing. Can you imagine the fuss on the right?

The double standards with respect to Palin and her vicious brood remain.”

Andrew Sullivan, getting his own reward for outlandish hyperbole.