Misleading Headline Of The Week

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“U.S. conservatives at odds with Vatican over condoms

Several say they will only accept a more formal papal pronouncement”

If you didn’t read the article, you would immediately think the “Conservatives” are referring to US politicians.

That said, this is my favorite line from the story:

“We’re in for a long period of confusion,” said Russell Shaw, a writer for the Catholic publication Our Sunday Visitor and former spokesman for the U.S. bishops’ conference. “The bishops — and clergy especially — will have to go home now to their own dioceses and whether they like it or not start speaking very clearly about what just happened.”

Question Of The Day

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How is it that Conservatives can be so incensed and feel so violated over the TSA body scanners and pat-downs, yet be so completely caviler  over torture.  They are just trying to stop terrorist attacks after all….

Hey, I have an idea: Why don’t we just waterboard random airline passengers to find out if they’re terrorists!!!!