Hostile Take-Over – Microsoft To Acquire HP, Mozilla Foundation!

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They’re also apparently going to make good on their promise to sue open source out of existence, and promise papers will be filed next week. As a fan of open source projects and Linux… Well…. I’m pretty disgusted! But, after watching Micro$oft for many years, I’m not surprised.

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Observation Of The Day – Liberals Are Funnier Than Conservatives.

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It’s true! Look at some of the Congressional Correspondence Dinner videos, where politicians get to let their hair down and yuk it up with the press. It used to be the White House Correspondence Dinner, but it was moved to Congress over fears that it might interfere with and taint the transparency that has become a hallmark of the White House since the swearing in of Barack Obama as President. Here is Democrat Anthony Weiner doing his thing:

Freaking hilarious!!! The CNN joke at 43 seconds in, and the Boehner rip at 4 minutes are damned funny!

He’s followed by Rand Paul….

And preceded by Ben Quayle:

Talk about bombing book-ends! Bet you didn’t make it half way through either of those.

Hey, Comedy is hard. Lets face it. Liberals have it… Conservatives don’t!

Remember the hilariously titled The 1/2 Hour News Hour???? You know, the half hour long news hour that tried to be a Conservative version of The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert??? Yeah, neither does anyone else!!! It got dumped after one season.

Here is how it was cancelled:

The show’s cancellation was announced on August 14, 2007 and its last episode aired on September 23, 2007. Bill Shine, the Senior Vice President of programming at Fox News, stated that “we are considering ways to retool the show for future scheduling needs.

we are considering ways to retool the show for future scheduling needs.“…

Now that in itself is almost funny… It reads like it wants to be funny… Kind of like most of the material you’ll find on Saturday Night Live these days… But, like that stuff, it’s not funny. It’s pretty much un-funny… No!… It’s ANTI-FUNNY!!! You can’t even make a joke about it!

There is another “late nite” Conservative comedy show on FOX called Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld. Though no one has ever heard of it, it’s rating are good enough that it’s been able to stay on the air since 2007… But at its time slot is 3 to 4 A.M…. Well… Lets face it, there just isn’t that much competition! Hey, the never-sleep Art Bell crowd has to have something to do after his show ends for the night!!!!! It’s either watch this, or get the job as the guy who answers the phone at the White House at 3 in the morning… The current occupant doesn’t seem to be doing it!

But, I digress. Conservatives, as a rule just aren’t very funny. Hell! Look at Dennis Miller! When he was a liberal, he used to be freaking hilarious! And now that he turned conservative, a direct result of 9/11, he’s just kind of… Meh.

I mean, come on, if I hear him say “I like the cut of his jib” one more time…. Steven Martin looks ever wiser for hanging up the bunny ears and arrow through the head.

Why are Conservatives not very funny?

Because they just can’t laugh at themselves. Watch Wieners routine. Sure, he blasts Conservatives, but he takes ample time to throw barbs at himself AND liberals, and they are barbs that everyone can laugh at. Rand Paul???? Ben Quayle??? The family budget jokes just aren’t funny! Now, there WAS a Conservative who could do comedy really really well… Many times unintentionally! But when he did go for laughs, he could bring it!

“The media really ticks me off, the way they try to embarrass me by not editing what I say…”

Now this is VERY funny! So maybe my “Conservatives Are Not Funny” theory is just not…


But I forget….

George W Bush was not really a Conservative,  so that explains that!

PS.   Bonus Comedy. Check this CCD video of Larry Wilmore. It’s pretty damned funny.