Because Someone Wanted To See My Bass Rig….

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My bass rig!!!!

Me playing my bass rig.


My outdoor rig:

  • Peavey BassMax preamp
  • Behringer BassExtender
  • Crest Amp, 300 per channel / 600 bridged
  • Old “FrogCrossing” 65 VOX cab w/ 8ohm Peavey Black Widow speaker.
  • Old fashioned patch bay…. Completely useless…  But it looks cool!!!  :bassist:

What’s Wrong With This Picture…..

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OK, it’s not necessarily the picture, but the policy is… well… ill advised – because you end up with picture perfect moments like this.


How images / photos, in one captured moment, reveal the idiocy or flaws of certain government policiesy.


Stupid Then: Remember This?

Former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno got justifiably blasted for her handling of the Elian Gonzales episode, forcibly deporting him at gun point. With its large Cuban population, this one picture probably put Florida in play for the 2000 Presidential election.


Stupid Now: France.

On the downside, this image captures something disturbing, something that just doesn’t sit well. The actions of the French police this morning so goes against the instinct of freedom of religion that western cultures have embraced, and the image will stand as just one more reason for Islam to have a beef with western nations. How many are going to die as a result of this?

On the plus side, France may have finally found a way to be more hated than the United States… And that’s no small feat!


PS.  On the France thing – No, I’m not blaming France for the violence that is sure to follow. But people are going to die as a repercussion of this photo.

On the Elian Gonzales picture…  Remember that this is pre World Wide Web / Internet. It’s pretty amazing that this got out into the general public at all. It really was a set back for the Clinton White House, though with the Lewinski thing still fresh and hot in the press, this didn’t make nearly the splash that it could have.