A Little Video Of Taylor Martin

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Recorded March 16, 2011, at the Revue.

News Critique – In The “I Must Have Missed It” Dept

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How the press are like insects!

The year – 2011 – The press to Republicans trying to force through their agenda: “YOU SHOULD HAVE QUIT WHILE YOU WERE AHEAD YOU IDIOTS!!!

The years – 2009 and 2010 – The press to Democrats trying to force through their agenda:

PS. I was going to compare the press to noisy cicadas, but I didn’t want to offend cicadas.

Cicada’s are cool! I was raised in Dallas, and strangely enough, one thing I miss about living in California are the lack of cicadas here. As a kid, summers were filled with non-stop fun spending afternoons walking from tree to tree and picking them off, just to hear their protest. There are three or four different varieties common to the area, and each made a different sound. Some were more rare than others. The green cicada was all over. The bigger brown ones were also plentiful. But, if you caught a black one, well, you were King Cicada Catcher of the day!

Here’s some vid of a single cicada doing its thing.

And here is David Attenborough attracting a cicada mate!!!