Giving A Democrat “Some Love”… Double Whammy Style! UPDATE

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And when I say “Love”, I mean attention, and not in a good way.  republicans have been feeling the wrath of Sonicfrog, now it’s a Democrat’s turn.

Elizabeth Warren is trying to capture the Mas Senate seat now occupied by Republican Scott Brown.  She came off as the working class defender in her first ad, and impressed a lot of people. The revelation a number of months ago that she has in the past used a dubious claim of Cherokee ancestry to gain affirmative action benefits hasn’t seemed to hurt her too much.  First, she defended a major corporation AGAINST those workers trying to collect beneffits to help pay the cost of dealing with asbestos related illnesses.

Watch her response to Scott Brown when he brings this up in a debate.

Well, that was hardly a satisfying answer and rebuttal. And when I say “hardly satisfying”, I mean “Oh GOD, that was SOOOO much worse than any lame response from Romney on any of his multiple gaffes!”. Yeah, it’s that bad.

But the latest revelations are much worse.  Seems shes practiced law in Massachusetts without a license. That’s a big “Oops”. Of course the usual defenders are blindingly buying her rational and political attempts to slither out of the way of the truth car before it runs over this snake of a problem. They cite the fact that the information was brought to life by a Conservative law blogger “gasp” so therefore it automatically must be assumed to be false!* But honest left leaning law bloggers are noting the case against Prof Warren does indeed look quite damning. Wish we had more people who could set aside politics and call out their own when a problem is revealed.

And note. when Joe The Plumber guy was caught practicing without a license, the news world was inflamed…


This has been out there for days, and yet it’s only being pursued by one Conservative blogger. No mass media coverage on this, a much worse, and by degrees a much more high profile story than anything concerning Joe The Plumber. Anyone still want to argue that there is no media bias leaning toward liberals?

* I get so sick of the use of the “shoot the messenger” fallacy. I can’t stand either Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity. I have similar attitudes toward Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. I take anything and everything they say with an elephant sized grain of salt. But, if they are correct, they are correct.

UPDATE: On media bias…. Maybe three days is still an acceptable time frame. I am the one after all who bitches and moans that the media jumps on a story to get it first rather than waiting to make sure they get it right.

Hat Tip: Althouse.