"Who ever can get me cheaper gas…. F**k-It I'll vote for them!"

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About Last Night…

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I was in my house when this happened, and only heard the crash, but it sounded very close. When I went outside, I expected I would find that someone had sped up our driveway and slammed into the back of our cars. My little brother had something like that happen to his prized 240 Z many years ago, but when I went outside I found the cars were fine. Some of my neighbors were outside and saw the drama unfold. At approximately 12:30 AM, some drunk idiot driving a Nissan Quest minivan took the corner too sharp and smashed into the light post right across the street from our house. He sheared off the telephone pole, which landed in the oak tree, then hit the tree pictured beside the cop car. Of course he drove off and fled the scene. No one got a license plate number. After the police came by and took statements from the witnesses, a PG & E guy came out and got the pole out of the tree. I thought they would use a crane or something, but he just cut the electric line connected to the other light poles on the block, and the pole came smashing down on the neighbors lawn.. He then removed another set of power line that had fallen across the neighbors cars.

Three things amaze me about the crash. None of my neighbors were hurt, and there was no property damage to any of our houses or cars, even the cars that had the electric lines strewn across them. The driver might have been hurt, but we don’t know that at the moment. Oak trees are stronger than the dickens. The tree that cradled the light pole did not shed a branch. Not one. Not after the pole came crashing into it, not after the PG & E guy was shaking the fallen pole trying to dislodge it from it’s oaken perch. Finally – I fine it amazing, considering the damage to the pole, that the Nissan Quest seemed to have escaped with little damage. The radiator didn’t bust (no radiator fluid in the road) and there were no shards of glass or plastic from the body or light lenses. There was only one plastic cover from the lower chassis that was left behind from the crash. If I buy a minivan in the future, I’m gonna get me one of these. The things are “Ford Though”!!!

Chris Plays Guitar – The "Great Day" Interview pt 1

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