More Problems For Obama

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Forget the net-roots, what about the family-roots?

Hat Tip: InstaP.

To Butcher an Old Zep Song "The Theme Remains The Same"..

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The problem with Obama? Andrew Sullivan, unknowingly nails it: “Fascinating to see how many themes remain the same,…”

Obama’s primary campaign was centered around grand themes, and yes, the themes haven’t changed much. There wasn’t that much difference concerning policy positions between Obama and Hillary, so the change “theme” was the deciding factor in the primaries. Obama – The Theme Candidate! He did mention policy positions but they were never really explored, as the theme was the central focus. Now in the national election, he is finding a hard time selling the theme to a half eager public. Those paying attention want solutions based on hard policy, and those not paying attention much are probably bored with the “theme”. You can olny get so much milage out of the thing before you run out of political gas. Obama’s “theme” can’t provide a hiding space to distract for his less-than-solid policy positions.

Lets examine the energy issue. McCain jumped on the drilling platform early (pun intended) and got a big advantage there. Though it can be called a flip flop by some, as McCain was against off shore drilling in the past. But the Democrats have been so successful at painting Republicans as being in the back pocket of “Big Oil”, McCain’s current position on the energy problem actually feels more natural, whereas Obama’s recent semi-conversion to drilling feels a lot like just another political weather-vane policy swing employed so often by the last Democratic inhabitant of the White House. Obama has changed course on so many issues as of late (drilling, Iraq, FISA, rejecting public financing of his campaign) he is starting to lose the confidence of the voters who helped him win the nomination. His positions on the issues are becoming more and more uncertain in the public mind, and his nuanced performance in the round table thing the other night didn’t help clarify things. People like a solid, mater-of-fact stand on the issues, without all the endless rational to explain why. It is what it is. That is why McCain won the other night, and why Bush was able to get within striking distance of Al Gore in 2000. Obama still has plenty of “themes”, but not a lot of solid policy ground left on which to stand.

PS. Besides the themes, there is something else that hasn’t changed. When I watched the video posted at Sullivan’s site, I was struck by two things:

A) Obama says “Uh” a lot, on a topic which should be very familliar and not require a whole lot of thinking, and

B) Watch how the journalist interviewing Obama absolutely fawned over him. Fascinating! The more things change, the more things stay the same!!!

[youtube bBxUSLCPlmc]

OK. Three things – I think Obama has gotten better looking with age. This has nothing to do with anything, I just though I would point it out.

Can We Retrain The Dog To Be A "Douchebag" Take-Down Dog?

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These are the guys, Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, who claimed to have a Bigfoot carcass stuck in their freezer. You need only watch the first couple of minutes to get the “flavor” of legitimacy these two guys offer.

[youtube ond4TMllRY0&NR=1]

First clue they are frauds – the use of the “Night Rider” theme as their theme.  On Friday, these guys held a news conference that was covered by CNN. (this isn’t the first time CNN has covered Bigfoot). They had said the DNA results would be revealed during that intervew, and of course, it wasn’t. They did actually send in some DNA that was supposed to be from the freeze dried BF, but they said the test result were delayed, and they were not available for the conference. The results were revealed on Monday, and they turned out, shockingly, to be from a human and an opossum. Again, I’m shocked. The BF Team then claimed the DNA must have been contaminated, though I’m not sure how many DNA labs are beset with opossum infestations. Maybe the guys who set up OJ were at work here too.

UPDATE:  The Fraud Is Revealed!

Steve Kulls, a guy from the Squatchdetective Web site, and host of a radio show by the same name, has declared that this frozen fauna is a fake. The subterfuge was discovered…

after an “expedited melting process,” Kulls wrote. “A break appeared up near the feet area … as the team and I began examining this area near the feet, I observed the foot which looked unnatural, reached in and confirmed it was a rubber foot.”

Kulls said he contacted Tom Biscardi, the self-described “Real Bigfoot Hunter” who has been searching since 1971 for the creature of legend and appeared alongside Whitton and Dyer at the news conference.

“Later that day, Tom Biscardi informed us that both Matthew Whitton and Ricky Dyer admitted it was a costume,” the posting said.

You almost want to feel sorry for Messer’s Kullsand Biscardi, almost, until you read this next bit of info:

Kulls said that at the time he first interviewed Dyer on July 28 for the radio program, he suspected the duo’s motive was financial. On August 12, he said, the two “requested an undisclosed sum of money as an advance, expected from the marketing and promotion.”

Two days later, after signing a receipt and counting the money, Dyer and Whitton showed the Searching for Bigfoot team the freezer containing what they claimed was the body: “something appearing large, hairy and frozen in ice,” Kulls wrote.

On Sunday, Kulls was granted access to the “courpse”. The research team (Kulls is the only one identified in the article) extracted some hair from the Bigfootsicle and burn it. The hair sample “melted into a ball uncharacteristic of hair,”.

So they demanded money up front. That should have been enough to turn these guys away. But, being “true believers” they didn’t. Instead, they got conned. It’s poetic justice since so many of these Bigfoot / Paramormal guy are nothing but con artists. Skeptics, myself included, are loving the irony of it all.