The Ad Is A Bomb.

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Lot’s of internet noise on the Obama / Ayers connection, spurred by this YouTube video. This has given rise to an ad by the Obama camp to try and deflect from the criticizm of his association with the former (?) radical. The ad is dumb and misses the mark. Here’s a sample of  criticism from The Corner:

I don’t have an encyclopedic recall of every Presidential ad ever run, but I would have to think that Obama’s new Bill Ayers ad (hat tip to Politico via our own Jim Geraghty, who provides us just about every useful insight possible on the race) would have to rank up there (or down there) as one of the worst Presidential political ad ever made. It apparently is a response to a harsh and quite effective ad by a 529 group that highlighted the Obama-Bill Ayers connection. Obama’s response ad only reinforces the connection. It starts with: “Why is John McCain talking about the Sixties?” Well, McCain wasn’t talking about anything; it was an unrelated (but supportive) group. “Why is McCain trying to link Barack Obama to radical Bill Ayers?” asks the ad? As Jim points out, this seems to be the first time Obama has described his seemingly close associate as a radical.  The ad explains that Obama “denounced Ayers’ crime.” Whether that is true or not, his recent association with Ayers is not addressed. And again, Obama suggests that it is somehow relevant that the crimes were committed when he was just eight years old. As I recall, Charles Manson was committing crimes in the same time frame, but are any Presidential candidates jumping on the Manson express?

Ha! Funny!!!

I find it appalling that the Dems are giving Ayers a pass on his transgrassions during the 60’s…. uhm, wasn’t the weather underground active during the 70’s? Anyway, if they want to give Ayers and Dorhn and Obama a pass, fine. But I don’t want to hear the Democrats whine and moan when, in fifteen years or so, a Republican Pres candidate has a “casual friendship” with a former abortion clinic bomber.

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My God! The blogosphere is having a field day!

“I have a higher IQ than you”!


Two failed presidential bids! (no link needed)

Credit Company ties!

RIAA stooge!

And now, some ties to Rezko.

It takes many weeks to choose the VP candidate. What was the vetting committee doing all this time – trying to figure out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie-pop???

This will give McCain some leeway on his choice for VP. Could he do worse? (Don’t answer that).

Hat Tip for many of the links: Insta-P.