More Obamanomics

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I am told the high you get off this stuff is about 68 percent.

Who Will Get Killed Off On Your Favorite Soap Opera????

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It may actually be your favorite Soap itself that gets murdered. They aren’t making enough money anymore to justify the expense The viewers just aren’t tuning in. It seems that these shows, a staple in daytime TV programming for so many years and, like the newspaper industry, doesn’t have what it takes to survive in todays Internet driven world. Though I didn’t watch it, I remember being a bit sad when “As The World Turns” was canceled. I think I was put off because it was one of the original soaps, and it seemed so wrong to get rid of it. But what did I know, I was a kid then and had no idea that money was involved in TV programming. Read more »

Quotes Of The Day.

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F.A. Hayek, from his work “Fatal Conceit”:

governments can’t possibly know everything that’s going on in an economy, and so while government intervention may delay some economic pain, it cannot stop it

Hat Tip: John Stossel

And on a lighter, if more profound note:

“I love Jesus but I drink a little”.

Gladys, from “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”

Stolen From: Althouse.


Why, Because….

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Dedicated to the indestructible Zach.

In The Tank For Obama

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The national media, in the drunk tank, apparently. More than a few YouTubers have commented that if they showed up to work like this, they would be fired. Anyway, enjoy.

To paraphrase Bill Murray from Stripes? “Anderson Cooper, you are a madman. When you stole that cow, and your friend tried to make it with the cow. I want to party with you, cowboy. ”

Here’s another anchor sinking fast.


Hat Tip: Sully

I Went To A Tennis Match, And A Soccer Game Broke Out!

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Great. As if there weren’t enough turmoil in the world, now we have Tennis Hooligans!!!

Qustion: Just What Were Caroline Kennedy's Qualifications And Experience That Would Make Her The Right Choice To Become The Person Who Would Replace Hillary Clinton As New York Senator?

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Does this count? From New York City Mayor Bloomberg: “She’s a great New Yorker and her husband is a really nice guy that I like.”

Is anyone EVER going to make a case that she was… you know qualified for this position in the first place? I mean, really, if you’re going to deride Sarah Palin’s thin resume, then shouldn’t someone on the left have noticed just how non-existent Mrs. Kennedy’s is? And note that the title of this article refers to tax and housekeeper problems, but are hardly even mentioned in the article. What gives. Did someone just kinda, you know, stop caring about these kind of things when Democrats are involve? Do the Kennedy’s get a pass simply because they are Kennedy’s, or am I asking the obvious stupid question???

PS. This is definitely my longest post title ever.

The Inaugural Poem That Should Have Been.

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The one read at the ceremony was crap, awefull. As much disdain as I have for some of Rush Limbaugh’s political ideas, he did offer an alternative poem that was laugh out loud funny, a perfect foil to the original.

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Talk About Accomplishing Noting….

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Barack Obama was sworn in for a second time. Man, his first term in office went by in the blink of an eye.

In Honor Of Barack Obama

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I didn’t vote for him (wrote in Paris Hilton), but I appreciate his accomplishment.  It will be very interesting to see how the next few years turn out. He has so much on his plate, the known, and the unknown – I don’t understand why anyone would want this job.

Anyway, here is a tribute song – A Brand New Morning – by David Baerwald.

I’ve got no sorrow; I’ve got no war
I can’t go through that nightmare anymore
I don’t like guns; I don’t like drugs
Maybe it’s time to be settling down

She’s still sleeping; the dogs are up
The sun is rising shining down on me
A pale blue mist in the backyard
The sun is shining down on me

I don’t know why I take it so hard
We’re all living in a house of cards

It’s a brand new morning; it’s a brand new day
It’s a brand new morning and I’m here to stay

A woman’s asleep in the bedroom
A man is prowling up and down the hall
There’s coffee brewing in the new machine
He’ll be making eggs and all

She’s going to college; she’s gonna get a degree
She knows one thing now; she knows she loves me
We could get married; we could be so happy
The truth would be like we were covering up

It’s a brand new morning; it’s a brand new day
It’s a brand new morning I’m glad to say

PS. I was going to use this song when Prop 8 lost, but… well, that didn’t turn out like I planned.