Elvis Costello Wins Nobel Peace Prize For Writing The Song “What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love, And Understanding”!

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Hey, if we apply the same standards used to justify the Obama award, Costello was a visionary –  they might as well!

While trying to find out exactly why Obama deserves this recognition, I came across Andrew Sullivan’s joyous, nonsensical rational to justify Obama receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize:

If any person has done more to advance some measure of calm, reason and peace in this troubled word lately, it’s president Obama. I think the Cairo speech and the Wright speech alone merited this both bridging ancient rifts even while they remain, of course, deep and intractable. He has already done more to heal the open wound between the West and Islam than anyone else on the planet.

He’s kidding, right? (or should that be “Wright”). Good speeches are fine and all, but doesn’t the actual accomplishment of… you know… something, count anymore. This reminds me of one of the prevailing educational philosophies floating around the halls of academia, that goes something like this – if the student does some work, shows an effort, you can not fail him. OK. But what if the work is very sub par, and doesn’t merit  a passing grade, well, I’m supposed to award the student a passing grade. Not only do you create a false sense of accomplishment in the student, but you create massive problems for the student and teacher in the next school year. And by the new, even more absurd Nobel standards, a student who tells me his grand, sweeping idea for a term paper would automatically get an A+ on the whole thing, before, or whether or not any work gets done.

I know I’ll probably get labeled an Obama hater, racists, or some other invective (if anyone even reads this post), but come on! Obama hasn’t actually accomplished anything yet. As much as people use Carter as the metric by which all horrible presidents are measured, he was a major player in the Camp David Accord negociations, and in my mind, deserves the N.P.P. for that. I’m not an Obama fan, but I am perfectly happy to give credit where credit is due. Problem is, besides his clever machinations that prevented the Olympics from being hosted in a crime ridden city like Chicago, he hasn’t done anything meritorious to deserve this prize. If he actually does help bring an end to the cycle of violence between Israel and the Palestinians, then give him all the awards in the world. Rename the award to the Obama Peace Prize. Hell, appoint him to be the permanent Santa Claus. He would have earned it. But don’t give  a peace prize to someone who hasn’t accomplished it yet!

And how bad does this tarnish the Nobel Prize committee? Well, I keep thinking of a line uttered by wanna-be Super Villain Syndrome in “The Incredibles”, paraphrased:

“I’ll give them awards. I’ll give them the most spectacular awards the world has ever seen! And when I’m old and I’ve had my fun, I’ll give out my prizes so that *everyone* can have awards. *Everyone* can be super! And when everyone’s super– –no one will be.”