♫ He went there to read a letter, meow, meow, meow.

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Where the reading light was better, meow, meow, meow…   ?

As Suspected – IPCC Full Of Fraud

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WOW!!!! If this is true, the house of cards is crumbling down as far as credibility is concerned! Sorry RealClimate. This wasn’t an error, it was a feature!

Question: What Kind Of Morons Do We Have Running The State Of California????

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This Kind!!!!

You would think that, after the Scott Brown win in Massachusetts,  and the fact that the state is currently $21 BILLION in the red, the legislature would back off on something like this….  You would think. But, ladies and gents., this is the ruling class of California. Gotta love ’em!

In Defense of the Gasoline-Powered Internal Combustion Engine

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Here Here!!!!!

Meme Alert – Happy For The Scott Brown Victory = Racist.

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A number of bloggers are freaking out over something Alvin Felzenberg wrote over at National Review Online:

Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts is more than just a defeat for President Obama and the priorities his administration has established during his first year in office. It is an outright rejection of the “identity” politics he and his party have championed for more than a generation.

A friend of mine put it best when he asked me when the Democratic party ceased voicing the concerns of ordinary Americans, working-class Americans, ethnic voters, and people trying not just to make ends meet, but to actually get ahead? I told him 1972. That was the year the Democrats nominated George McGovern. They treated themselves to one heck of a convention at which group after group championed its “rights” and voiced its “grievances.” Come fall, Nixon won 49 states. Massachusetts was the sole state McGovern carried, along with the District of Columbia. Tonight Massachusetts finally caught up with the rest of the country. How Obama reacts will determine the fate of his presidency, along with that of the country.

First, we have Spencer Ackerman, who starts out telling us that he thought Felzenberg was a nice guy:

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Media Matters – Or Does It?

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No, this is not about the David Brock progressive slant machine. Yesterday, I documentsed the FAIL of the dead tree edition of the New York Times to cover the Scott Brown Election. Today, the media eye has returned to focus on failed Dem candidate John Edwards. Seems he has admitted that he is indeed the father of the baby we already knew he was the father of. Whatever. It’s not like that’s news, unlike the fact that he was having an affair while running for the Presidency. To me, that wasn’t even that big a deal. Sure, it would have derailed his Presidential ambitions, but, what evs. The bigger story turned out to be that the main stream press was covering for him, and wouldn’t lift a finger to investigate to sniff out the truth; they failed once again to do the job we expect them to do. Which brings me to my point. Should the same press that punted the original story now have the right to cover, and make money from the aftermath? I know, this isn’t a question of a “right” in that sense – of course they can cover this. It just seems wrong that they can use the love child that resulted from an affair they themselves decided not to cover, because somehow, it wasn’t newsey enough then? Or does this show they’ve learned from their past mistakes???

Climate Change Urgency – We Need This Deal Now Now Now Or Else We’re All Doomed!!!!!!!!!…. or not.

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Leading up to Dopenhagen, I was for some reason under the impression that a comprehensive deal was urgently needed in order to save the world. I guess I was wrong.

Andrew Sullivan – Still Can’t Get Past His Nose…. UPDATE

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[Welcome Insta-P readers. It’s always nice to have company ’round here]

Up until today, he had featured this George Orwell Quote as the tagline of his blog: “To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.” It seems to still be quite a struggle.

In light of the Scott Brown victory, here are a few snips of his latest posts:

Mort Zuckerman pronounces:

He didn’t address the main issue.

He means the economy. How anyone who has been sentient this past year can say such a thing merely reveals how effective the propaganda has been. Let’s review: a stimulus package that has clearly helped turn the economy around and was skilfully structured to ensure that it didn’t entirely fade away when the second year came around, a third of which was tax cuts; a bank bailout that is now being paid back; a lifeline to the car industry; major investment in infrastructure; extension of unemployment benefits; avoidance of a second great depression and a return to fragile but real growth after the financial and economic abyss of a year ago … I mean he didn’t address the main issue??

What the fuck is he talking about?

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New York Times – The Paper Of FAIL

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So this morning the Sonic-Mate and I went to Starbucks to get a hot coco, and, as I usually do when there, I take a peak at the two newspapers they sell at the counter, the Fresno Bee and the “paper of record”, The New York Times.. The Bee’s front page, which is dedicated to featuring mostly local stories (a good move on their part to try and survive the current newspaper appocolyps IMO) featured as its main headline the Earthshaking event that is the stunning victory of Republican Scott Brown over the once semingly invincible Democrat Martha Coakley for the vacant Kennedy Senatorial seat. The NYT freatured a story on…. “Haiti Earthquake Relief Problems”, “If Your Kids Are Awake, The They’re Probably On-Line”, “Hidden Images Seen in Avatat”…… Hu-Wha????? Where is the most stunning story of the years so far??? Yes, there is a picture of people holding plackards for each candidate on the front page, but no indication of the results. As I was driving home from band practice at 8:30 PM here in Fresno, the radio talking heads were alreadyabout the victory, which means the election results were long known before the paper went to print. How can that story NOT be on the front page? Forget about controversial decision to put the NYT behind the “paywall” next year, it looks like the paper is already behind the information wall…. Either that, of they’ve already flat out stopped caring about the print edition of the aper, and are leaving it to die on the vine.

24 Jumps The Shark

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OK. Nothing unusual about that. I just thought I’d document perhaps the worst one this season… So far!

A Russian gangster / assassin guy is posing as a New Jerseyish cop, complete with a New Jerseyish accent,  in order to get close enough to a very well dresses ruler / king dude from a smallish presumably Middle East country that is giving up its nuclear ambitions in order to assassinate him. Of course, the brother of  very well dresses ruler / king dude is the guy behind the plot. He calls the Russian gangster / assassin phony cop guy while the Russian gangster / assassin phony cop guy is already undercover…  at the police station… being dispatched to the UN to help protect very well dresses ruler / king dude.  He answers the phone, and, just to show that he is still the bad guy I guess,… answers it using his native very heavy Russian accent, not the New Jerseyish one. Keep in mind he is standing just outside the entrance of the police station, where cops are mulling all around. Do you think, like me, it might be a bit wiser to maintain your New Jerseyish accent, since you are right there at the police dispatch center  and some other cop may be within earshot and you could be discovered as the Russian gangster / assassin posing as a New Jerseyish cop that you are. But, then again, this is the world of 24. First rule of 24 World… common sense is thrown right out the window!…. No, that is the second rule. First rule of 24 World…. Jack Bauer is simply indestructible!!!