Glenn Greenwald – Dishonest Blogger??? Patterico – Criticism Is Lacking Something… Perspective. UPDATE X 3

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On the one hand, from what I’ve read on his blog, though I don’t think I’ve ever used him as a source for anything, Greenwald seems knowledgeable enough on the stuff that I’ve read. On the other hand, Patterico says he uses cheap party trick to make conservative bloggers seem disreputable, cherry picking, as it were. P says Greenwald’s hidden point was to show that conservative blogger Allahpundit was being irresponsible when covering the Fort Hood shootings. Here is Patterico’s assertion:

Greenwald’s implication is clear: right-wing blogger Patterico shouldn’t have recommended Allahpundit’s coverage — and right-wing blogger Glenn Reynolds shouldn’t have linked Patterico’s recommendation of Allahpundit.

Was Greenwald really trying to smear conservative bloggers? Read more »

Stu, You Lazy Bastard!

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The list is here!!!!!

Stupid Dog!!!!

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While we were taking the dogs to the dog park, this dog actually jumped out of the car while I was driving. Luckily, Greg had the leash around his wrist so the dog had a controlled fall, and we were just starting to accelerate when the light turned green and I wasn’t going that fast; I was just about stopped when he made contact with the ground. Odo had a soft landing and didn’t go splat. He wasn’t phased at all. He got back in the car as if nothing happened.