A Little Mo Foster For The Morning.

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Not very well known outside musician circles, but he’s a favorite here at Sonicfrog. He’s played with Phil Collins, Jeff Beck, Sting, Van Morrison, to name a few. Guitarist Garry Moore lays down a ripping line on this. I used to have the album this song is featured on, but it was in the CD changer that, along with my two basses and other stuff, was stolen when my house was burgled in 2000. I do still have the CD cover. That’s something. Anyway, enjoy.

Here is Mo’s web site.


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The person that wrote this must be about 20. Gee, I wonder how environmentally friendly it would be if we did things the old fashioned way: which included driving to the nearest Kodak kiosk (yes youngsters, there used to be stores that would develop your film) , developed the film using polluting chemicals, and then send the pictures via snail mail, which is exactly what we used to do?

Fellin’ Old As Rock? You Have No Idea.

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Geologists think they have found remnants of the young Earth’s surface, the original mantle possibly dating back to 4.5 billion years ago. The oldest rock was dated back to about 3.8 billion years ago. The story is here