More Media Bait – Crowd Size… A Controversy????

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From the MSNBC homepage:

A big Beck crowd — but how big?
Rally is over, but the controversy over widely varying crowd estimates goes on.

Strange that Becks crowd size is controversial, yet, the anti-war rallies, or the immigration rally, or even the Million Man March one, you know, the one where there was supposed to be a million men, were not.

A Lite-Blog Week

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There is much to do around the Sonic-House – clean the office, update the receipts in quickbooks (three months behind), get some teacher paperwork together, practice guitar and learn songs for my three band projects, fix the clutch on the car, etc. etc.  So, I will be mostly off line, only getting updates to the Mormon shooting when they come in.

Media Bait – Mormon Bishop Shot, Killed w/ UPDATES

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I haven’t noticed this story of a slain Mormon lay priest getting any NATIONAL headlines as of yet, but if it were an Imam, well, you know what would be happening right now…

Oh, For those not familiar with the San Joaquin Valley, Visalia is not too far from my city, Fresno. My in-laws are Mormon. I hope this is no one they knew.

UPDATE: So far, only FOX News is covering it.

UPDATE 2: The suspect is dead. As of yet, the identity of the shooter has not been released, and no motive revealed.

UPDATE 3: CBS has posted it.

UPDATE: Killer has been identified: Kenneth Ward, 47, of Modesto. Visalia is about 40 miles south of Fresno, Modesto is 120 miles north. So, did the suspect drive all the way down to Visalia just to randomly target a Mormon. Modesto has a sizable Mormon community. I’m thinking there is more to this story. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: No mention on MSNBC. But THEY DO have an article about a priest who impregnated a teenager.

FINAL UPDATE: The man who shot Clay Sanner was mentally ill, and suffered from severe bipolar disorder along with post traumatic stress disorder from the first gulf war. Tow more casualties from that war..