Battle Of The Police Tribute Bands! MEGA-UPDATED!

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They’re both from Europe.

The Castaways

VS Nek

VS Synchronicity

VS Klark Kent

VS Scrantonicity!

The Senseless Dream! (partially)

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Just the other day I had a dream… No, not that dream!… I drempt (yes I know it’s not a word) that the Cars were getting back together (there are hints that they may do so… even Ric Okasic is on board), and they got my name and number off the wall (oops, wrong group) and called me asking me to be their new bass player. They will need a bass player, as original guy Ben Orr shed his mortal bass playing coil a number of years ago.

Now, I find the whole premace of the dream strange, because, though I always liked the Cars, they were not one of my favorite groups in the 80’s. I know I can play some of the songs, at least the songs that got radio / MTV play, and everything from Candy-O (the one Cars album I do own), but I don’t know the whole Cars catalog. Why not dream of going on tour with an artist who you know inside and out… yes, that would be Phil Collins, or Dire Straights, or even personal favorites Crowded House or Mr Mister?….

What were we talking about again????

Ver Word. Bever

PS. I used to own Heartbeat City… but that was a long time ago… And on cassette. Don’t know if I remember all of it.