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It’s not what you think…  It’s worse… Much worse!!!

The Cain Conundrum.

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Just lately, Herman Cain has been picking up a lot of traction. Some of my friends have openly endorsed him. I was going to write a lengthy post on this topic, but realized that my thoughts on this can be winnowed down to a short and sweet post.

Here it is.

A part of me likes Herman Cain. He is as close to an “outsider” as you’re going to see from either party. But here is the thing that bothers me.

On many issues, he’s a blank slate. Yes, he’s said stuff on this point or that, but there is absolutely no track record of action to bolster the campaign promises made so far. Remember, it wasn’t too long ago that another candidate ran with no experience in various capacities, who made promises that he couldn’t keep.

Barrack Obama.

  • Had no business experience.
  • Had little to no foreign affairs experience.
  • Had no experience as an executive.
  • Voted “present” many times in the Illinois Senate to avoid having to make any controversial decisions that would hurt him in the future.

Granted, there are key differences between Cain and Obama. Cain has eons of business experience that Obama can only dream of, not that he would, apparently. But, my point is this:

Foreign Policy – Cain has “0” experience in that capacity; maybe even less than candidate Obama did a few years ago. Do we want that in these internationally turbulent times?

Who will Cain appoint as financial advisers? 20 to 1 says it will be the same Wall Street / Goldman Sachs types that we’ve seen appointed to those positions for the last 30 years! After all, they are looked upon as the most business friendly.

Also, consider this; Cain is a business man. If the banks are in trouble again, as they were in 2008, do you really think Cian will just sit back and watch the banks suffer banks runs or fail, which would greatly hamper the business community as a whole?

Take it or leave it, those are my thoughts. Again, I do apreciate that Cain is truly a “fresh face”, but being untested and inexperienced with no track record does have down sides. Just look at President Obama.