So, Who Does Our Government Represent Again?

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The Volcker Rule, inserted into the Frank-Dodd financial regulations bill, as it turns out, did not have a definition attached to it. It was, as so much legislation has been over the last few year, incomplete and ill-defined. Now, the banks and financial institutions that are supposed to be held in check by this rule are effectively writing the parameters to the rule. The result:

The draft of the Volcker rule released by the four agencies last week runs close to 300 pages and includes the word “exemption” more than 400 times.

This is what happens when it becomes more important to pass something… Anything, to show you’re doing something, than to put your political ass on the line and make tough decisions! They did this with the Patriot Act, the Healthcare bill, and now this. Our “leaders” are more concerned about upsetting their financial donors and winning elections than they are about doing what is right and only voting for legislation that is complete and defined and workable. How many times do we have to hear a legislator or a President tell us “we passed this great bill, and though it is flawed, we’ll fix it later” before we wise up and tell them “NO!”?

And don’t be fooled, with the exception of Ron Paul, if a Republicans wins in 2012, this gets turned up to 12… We’re already at eleven.