Yet Another New Lyric….

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In response to someone calling me a liberal and Truther for saying the Star Trek DS9 episode “In the Pale Moonlight” is somewhat analogous to the Global war on Terror concerning torture and Gitmo. I was on another thread issued this challenge:

Hey, sf – You could rewrite it to touch upon your crypto-Troofer beliefs and “Boooshitler tortured!!1!” canards. Then, when people point out the indecency of it, you can say there’s no point in discussing it – as if you hadn’t been the one to introduce the subject 🙂

To which I replied thusly:

Don’t Label Me Bro!

♫ I sure wish you would understand,
that some things are not hand in hand
you misrepresent what I believe
and go on to twist and to deceive

The facts that normally are so clear
are distorted based on a thin veneer
of over zealous patriotic zeal
I’ll set you straight here’s the deal

I don’t believe that George Bush lied
or is happy that some people died
I don’t believe that Cheney’s bad
though he often seems to be quite mad

The Truther guys well they’re insane
Mohammed Atta flew that plane
it was islamofascist asshat clowns
that brought those two great buildings down

I’m not a lib not even close
that accusation is quite gross
If you want some written proof
It’s on my blog and that’s the truth

On water-boarding I hold fast
my opinion’s derived from the past
From Nam, Korea, and way back when
T’was considered torture and has always been

If Iran were to catch a guy
and turns out he’s an American spy
Then they went and did the same
your collective heads would be aflame!

Listen carefully to my words
Pidgeon-holing is for the birds
to stereotype me it’s just plain wrong
the folly of blind ideologues!!! ♫

Keep in mind I wrote this on the fly when challenged this morning. I’ve become a lyric-writing machine!!!!!

The Entire Jobs Bill!

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Today, I am pleased to submit to the Congress the enclosed legislative proposal, the “American Jobs Act of 2011,” together with a section-by-section analysis of the legislation.

The American people understand that the economic crisis and the deep recession were not created overnight and will not be solved overnight. The economic security of the middle class has been under attack for decades. That is why I believe we need to do more than just recover from this economic crisis — we need to rebuild the economy the American way, based on balance, fairness, and the same set of rules for everyone from Wall Street to Main Street. We can work together to create the jobs of the future by helping small business entrepreneurs, by investing in education, and by making things the world buys.
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