Just One Tear – Final Lyric Edit. (I’m pretty sure)

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Well, it took eighteen some years, but I finally finished this lyric. It’s a song about losing a friend, someone you really cared about, and not getting to mourn “the right way” because you missed the service. Here is the backstory.

Now, if my neighbors stupid car alarm that’s screaming through my window will just stop going off, I might be able to record the scratch track.


Who’s to say, that the road we take
is the one we should be traveling
Who’s to say, that the road we take
is the road we should be on

I can say I knew you, you were a friend of mine

Who’s to say, that the dreams we dream
won’t bring us our prosperity
Who’s to say, that the dreams we dream
is a life that can never be

(solo-ish thing here, slide guitar, will need help)

Without you here, life has slowing down
and any sense it made’s unraveling
Without you here, things are left unsaid
of the dreams that can never be

I can say I knew you, you were a friend of mine
I never got to say goodbye, I’m left alone to wonder why
There must be something I can say
But I guess it’s better off this way.

Things would come out fine
If I could cry just a little
Things would come out better,
If I could cry just a little…

Just one tear You were a friend of mine

The police report is here, in the middle of the page.

Photo of Victim Robert Paul JohnsonSee larger view one (Robert Paul Johnson) (PDF)
Photo of Victim Robert Paul JohnsonSee larger view two (Robert Paul Johnson) (PDF)
Victim: Robert Paul JohnsonDate: April 24, 1993

Address: 3200 Mission Boulevard

Synopsis: Robert Paul Johnson, age 27, lived in Mission Beach and was the manager of his apartment complex. On Thursday evening, April 22, 1993, Johnson attended a dinner party with a friend. After the party, Johnson got a ride home from his friend, arriving at about 11:30 pm. Johnson’s friend was the last person to see him alive.Johnson failed to show up for work for the next two days. Johnson’s boss, concerned over his absence, eventually contacted one of one Johnson’s friends, who went to Johnson’s apartment on April 24, 1993, to check on Johnson. Johnson’s body was discovered in the bathroom of his apartment. He had been strangled to death.

Johnson was very friendly and frequently invited people he met on the Mission Beach boardwalk to his home.


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Here is my wonderful black Peavey Dyna-Bass 5’er I call Aldo II, along side most hideous bass in the world, the barely P-Bass Spider Queen, complete with frets pulled out.


And yes, for all you Linux freaks like me, that is a Gnome Desktop strap!!!

PS. Aldo I, a black Dyna 4 string I had for many years, got stolen back in 2000. Still miss that bass.

Caption This Friday!

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“Do you think I went a little heavy on the base???”

YouTube Banter Of The Day!

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Have no idea if this is true… But I’d like it to be!!!!

i got pulled over for playing this song too loud in my car the other day and i told the cop i was? blasting AC/DC and he didnt give me a ticket because he said thats the only way to listen to ACDC…it was great! 😀

I thought this was kind of funny.

where is? bon scott these days? Haven’t seen him since his interview on Jimmy Kimmel 5 years ago. He was involved in making movies. He did robin hood with russell crowe. I hope he quits movies and rejoins ACDC. These white guys are getting old.

OR this:

This band is my fucking cocaine.