A Reaction To Corruption

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occupy chart

Both movements are a reaction to perceived corruption within the economic / political system that currently overlays the US government. One side focuses more on big government failings, the other on corporate greed, but when you come right down to it, both coexist hand in hand. Big corp actually likes Big Govt. If you have a government that expands into business, then it’s very very easy for big business to buy off politicians to do their bidding and provide benefits, be it grants for solar industry or subsidies for big oil. Does anyone else not notice that most of the speeches read aloud on the floors of the House of Reps and the Senate are not only written by lobbyists, but most of the time the politician presenting the speech clearly has never even seen the speech until he or she is reading it.

For all the differences in the two movements, it’s the one thing both the Occupy and Tea Party movements have in common. They both recognize the corruption embedded in our current government system, and are not as far apart in agreement as it appears. Even though I’ve been tough on some of the stupidity on display at the Occupy Wall Street thing, I never the less support the uprising itself. It’s good for democracy. And we’re not going to clean house until both side realize it needs to be done.