First They Came For Your Light Bulbs…. And I Said Nothing. Then They Came For Your SUV's… And I Said Nothing…

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That’s It – I’ve Had It! This is where I draw the line!!!

OK.  I’ve started walking to the store, or taking public transit. I’ve replaced all the incandescent bulbs with weird twisty mercury filled bulbs. I’ve stopped driving the Hummer. I’ve planted trees… even in my neighbours yard (don’t know why their so upset about it). I’ve set the thermostat to 89 degrees during the summer and 42 in the winter. I’ve installed seven wind turbines, all equipped with solar panels on the rotors. I dry my clothes outside… even on rainy days. I try to breath less, and I even put my dog to sleep, all in an effort to shrink my carbon footprint and reduce my CO2 output to fight Global Warming. But now I draw the line. I’m sorry, but I will NOT give up my LCD, High Def, Flat Screen TV!!!  NEVER!!!!!


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