San Francisco Held Hostage – Days 29 – 32!

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I was traveling and wasn’t able to follow this compelling story. Luckily, nothing of note has happened in my absence, so you didn’t miss anything. In case you missed this compelling story, here is the background.

Weapons of Mass Destuction… or is that Construction?

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Another radical Palestinian idiot has staged a terrorist attack using a bulldozer, but this attack was not as successful as the first one, only three people were reported injured. And this terrorist, like the first, is very much a former terrorist (I hope the 72 virgins are lepers – no offense to the leper community). This attack was staged just outside of the Hotel where Presidential candidate Barrack Obama is to stay. It’s not clear, but one can assume, the location of the attack was chosen because of this. Welcome to the Real Middle East, Mr. Obama.

PS. If this would have been Hillary, you can bet some time down the road you would hear her tell the story about how she bobbed and weaved her way through an angry army of terrorist driven Killdozers during her peace mission in Jerusalem. Hell, you’ll probably hear her tell that story reguardless.

PPS. The internet can be a strange place. I just found this site titled “Killdozer Visits The Holy Land!”. I’m pretty sure it was created well before these attacks took place. Prophetic? Or was this some kind of veiled message from Osama?

PPPS. It’s a good thing this hasn’t happened in the U.S. Someone would certainly be sueing Caterpillar by now.