San Francisco Held Hostage – Day 26!

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IT administrator locks the city out of its own computer network.

At first I was thinking, well at least the data’s safe from hackers or terrorists. But now, CNN is reporting that the IT guy has a criminal record and was never screened for past crimes when hired! Jeez, who is running that city???

PS. I can’t find a link to the criminal record story, so I can’t confirm that, especially since it’s CNN reporting.

Times Are A-Changin' UPDATE!

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So far, this is the most exciting thing going on in this campaign…

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UPDATE! There is a bit in the cartoon with Hillary holding a sign, campaigning for the 2012 race. This was supposed to be a joke, a parody of the Clinton ambition. But apparently, the guys at Jib Jab knew something we didn’t; she really IS campaigning for 2012.