"Oh yeah? I bet I can start a bigger bank run than you…"

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It’s a new competition among Democrats, with  Senator Carl Levin apparently trying to out-do Senator Chuck Schumer’s recent success. If they wagered on this, is that illegal?

San Francisco Held Hostage – Day 27!

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Gavin Newsom, explaining that Terry Child is a “rogue employee that got a bit maniacal“.

There is still no official report on Mr. Child’s possible past criminal record, so I formerly retract that suggestion (thank you CNN /Wolf Blitzer). I’ll likely un-retract once Mr. Child’s trial is concluded.

NOTE: Here is the Wikio page for Terry Childs.  This will make it much easier to get updates.

Favorite write-up title so far:
Disgruntled IT Administrator Comandeers San Francisco City Network, Gets Arrested, Sticks It To The Man By Refusing To Give Up Password

ZD-Net writer Paul Murphy asks a few good questions.

PS. Just for fun, here is the Wiki site for Wikio, and here’s the Wikio site for Wiki.

A List of Problems Solved By McGyver!

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Just in case you had to know to get through the day.

Even Better: MythBusters v McGyver!!!

Looks like I’ve got some watchin’ to do.

Why I Don't Play Gigs at Biker Bars (Unless they pay really, really well)

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This is my older brothers experience. Enjoy!