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University of Virginia football players… For stealing beer… At the Gay Bar!!!

I know everyone is commenting about the hair. Well, that is the biggest crime here, isn’t it?

And in honor of the most recent transgression, I just have to show this one more time…..


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It had to happen sooner or later. First known real-world smash-up of the much vaunted all-electric Tesla roadster! Sad!!! The owner had just bought the thing a few hour before. It apparently got rear-eneded by a Camry, which shoved the sloping front end under the Mercedes 2000S.

The Tesla’s airbags didn’t deploy because the force of the crash was diverted to pushing the Tesla under the Mercedes. Heck, maybe the sporty wedge design is a better safety feature than we thought. Crumple zones??? Who needs crumple zones!!!

Here is the accident from another angle.

Yep! That’s a first class wedgie!!!

And here is the Camry.

All in all, the Tesla held up pretty well. And think about this – since there is no combustion engine, there is no delicate cooling system radiator to damage. If the steering was not knocked out of alignment and the battery pack remained intact, the driver could pop it in reverse, get out from under the Mercedes, and drive over to the bodyshop. I do wonder, since the car is touted as being “green”, are the body panels that will get junked biodegradable?

I have to thank Leo Laporte for steering me to this bit of news. I was listening to his week-end radio show while driving back from San Diego, and he mentioned the crash, which caused the server the story is hosted on to crash. Way to go Leo! 🙂

Hat Tip: Leo Laporte and Wired.