I'm not sure if "politically tone deaf" is quite the correct description…

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“Once again, the oilman in the White House is echoing the demands of Big Oil.”

… uhm, and about 67 percent of the American people. Nancy Pelosi, continuing to show just why her congress has a nine percent approval rating.

Arnold As Obama's Energy Czar???

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Great. So instead of fixing the power shortage and building new pollution free power generating facilities, such as hydro electric and nuclear, and improving the nations power transmission lines, the whole nation will have to get used to living life under nanny-state-ish Flex Alerts! But hey, they always said that trends start in California and spread to the rest of the country (like a virus).

On the positive side, we in California would have John Garamendi as Governor…. Oh Wait

Uncovered From The Depths Of History… UPDATED

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A New RareForm Recording!

It’s our version of Los Lobos’ “Will The Wolf Survive“. Like “Inspire Me” the music parts were recorded in 1994 (ish) in rythym guitarist Mike Elliots recording studio “The Spare-Room”. OK. It wasn’t a recording studio per se, it was literally a spare room in Mike’s house. Unlike “Inspire Me”, we never got around to recording the vocals. Well, it just so happens that I foolishly went out and bought a vocal mic, the Marshall MXL-770. I have been wanting to lay down the vocals on this song for the longest time (14 years) and tried to do so a couple of weeks ago, but the only mic I had on hand was a Superlux ECO-88. It’s been my workhorse mic for live shows and sounds very good in that environment. But it’s not designed for studio recording. The recorded vocals were OK, but not that great. Here is the first version. The difference in the sound quality is stunning! There are a few differences in efects between one track and the other, but the differences are minor. Now I actually sound like I can half sing.My next task is recording one of my own songs, which means I have to learn those three chords on the guitar I promised Cliff. I am also going to do some research on home studio setup to get the best dynamics possible.

PS. For those who don’t know, RareForm is my San Diego band. Yes I live in Fresno, which is 348 miles away. I joined in 1992 when I moved back down to SD. I have lived in Fresno for eleven years… and I’m still in the band. Don’t ask me how it works, but I think the guys are just to lazy to find a bass player that lives closer.