Levi Hearts Jon, Jumps Shark!

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That’s infamous reality show whore Jon Gossling… sorry, it’s Gosselin. Hey, don’t watch the show. I hate reality shows. They’re stupid. Anyway, in the article, Levi says he identifies with him… really? Says he got GOOD parenting tips from him… Really???

“He was very positive and gave some good advice that I’m going to take,” Johnston said. “He told me kids are number one and do anything you can for them.”


And what the hell are the “Fleshbot Awards” anyway, and why is Levi speaking… Oh. That. Nice award kid, but were still waiting to see if you have a “career” ahead of you, if you catch my drift.

Man, Levi’s handlers have dropped the ball letting this come out. Me thinks the MSM’s lust for the affable Big L is going to be taking a cold shower. Like all flash-in-the-pans… or is that pants, I knew that the kids was going to sooner or later use up his alloted fifteen minutes of fame. It may just happen sooner than I though.

Climate Change Bill? Not This Year. Effort Runs Out Of Fuel.

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The process of crafting a Climate Change bill has stalled in the Senate. The effort, which was never a high priority within the public consciousness, has fallen victim to its own ambiguous nature. How can you justify destroying whole industries and purposefully killing jobs in a bad economy, for the promise of maybe creating maybe half as many sometime in the future (if you’re lucky) all in the name of fixing a problem that can’t be seen or felt by the general public. Forget the over-hyping of the consensus thing, and the absolutely preposterous exaggerated claim of how Global Warming effects EVERYTHING! People want to see their elected leaders working on stuff that will improve their lives in the here and now, not to try and pass new rules that they know instinctively won’t make a difference now, and won’t even make much of a difference in the future. You can only say “yeah, it won’t do much, but it’s only a first step“, so many times before the general public catches on that it won’t do much. And don’t think that last Tuesday’s elections don’t have an effect. The Democratic caucus is pretty nervous about now.

Ah, the price of over-reach. Can’t wait to see some of the hand-wringing.

And on a related note, Al Gore’s Current TV is laying off 80 employees. I feel bad for the employees, but wonder how much longer CTV can survive. I also give Gore credit for trying something different. That said, is it wrong for me to want to see him fail?

Will Harper Collins Make $$$ On Sarah Palin’s Book? “You Betcha!”

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The Daily Finance has done some number crunching on the prospects of the potential profits that can be made from Sarah Palin’s upcoming book Going Rogue. They have a very valid point that the current book sales price war between Amazon, Walmart, and Target is going to decrease the normal revenue stream of the book, but then they trip themselves up on this:

For Going Rogue to go big, she must attract her contingent through bulk sales to the Christian right — an audience long ignored by The New York Times Bestseller List, and by publishing in general, until Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins’s Left Behind series about the Rapture proved too big a cash cow to ignore. But a year after her failed candidacy as Vice President, Palin is no longer the great hope of her party. Her image is tarnished by gossip media’s fascination with her and her family — especially Levi Johnston, the teenage father of her infant grandson, who has proved indiscreet with reporters eager for sordid details.

Huh… Are they kidding? Do these people actually check the right leaning blogs? Palin is as popular as ever. Now, I’m not a fan of Palin by any means, and I won’t by the book (I only read about dead important people – Hamilton, Washington, Lincoln, etc), but this silly juvenile spat with the media molded creature that Levi has become, a conflict fanned fueled by the very liberal minded media the right disdains, has only made her more popular than ever with her constituents. Once again the MSM has underestimated the veracity and loyalty Palin enamours from the Conservative base.

Steven Tyler Cancels Aerosmith, Flies Solo. UPDATE

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That’s the word from MTV and Twitter. I know there will be some who are heartbroken over this latest development. Not me. I’ve thought their stuff in the last ten years was mediocre at best, a ghost of the great work they did in the 70’s. Rocks is a favorite album. Still, I’ll trust this more when it’s confirmed by Pat… (hey, just kidding man, that horse has left the barn).

You know, this summer, there was a rumor that Tyler was going to go on tour as lead VOX for the reformed Led Zepplin, which of course means that a jealous Robert Plant will now replace Steven Tyler in Aerosmith.

PS. Here is a quote from one of my friends over at Talk Bass, who is, understandably,  not too sad about the whole thing:

Personally I am done with Aerosmith anyways. Our city had its show this summer cancelled when buffoon Tyler fell off the stage in Sturgis. We had bought 4 tickets through the fanclub for $200 EACH. (Way to high to begin with but ZZ Top was the opener). Gig gets cancelled and Aerosmith’s fanclub dinged us $200 for a “cancellation fee”. Couldn’t believe it. Tyler can’t make the gig and I get nailed. Aerosmith will never get another nickel of my money.

UPDATE: Well, so much for that. Here is video from yesterday that has Tyler himself saying his “not” leaving Aerosmith. Robert Plant’s gonna be pissed.

Healthcare Reform: The Seinfeld Tax – A Tax On Nothing????

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Over at Balkinization, there is a piece refuting the charge that you’ll go to jail if you don’t have or buy health insurance. If this article is correct, you won’t. But I find it interesting to note what will happen – you get taxed:

If you are not exempted [exemptions are listed in the article], and you don’t purchase health insurance, you just pay a higher tax. You don’t go to jail. …if you refuse to pay your taxes, the government will fine you in the same way that it does whenever you refuse to pay your taxes. Prison is also a possibility for the most determined tax cheats,….

(Uh oh… more ellipses. I wonder if Patterico will be pissed?)

So if you have the following choices: If you are not exempted, you must buy qualifying health insurance. If you’d rather not, for whatever reasons, you can pay a higher tax. If you pay your taxes, nobody will come after you…

You might object: the individual mandate tax is different than general revenues going to defense spending. This is a tax directed at people if they don’t do something….

Hold on a second. Tax??? Isn’t that usually called a fineRead more »

A Point To Ponder: The Nuclear Option – Remove Corporations From Individual Status

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One thing about American law that has struck me as odd, is the fact that Corporations count as de-facto individual persons in regards to various state and federal laws. This has been a part of the fabric of Americans life since the Supreme Court decided such in Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad in 1886, reaffirming a decision by the Ninth Circuit Court in 1882 — why does it always have to be the Ninth Circuit that screws things up!  There are also accusations that the ruling of both courts was tainted because a few of the judges did own stock in Railroads, including the one involved in the case. I bring this topic up now, because me and the Sonic-Mate were listening to one of our favorite pod-casts, Dan Carlin’s Common Sense. and at the end of the show (# 163 Blocking the Playmakers) he was talking about the innate corruption that exists in our political system when it comes to corporations being allowed to give donations to political candidates and causes. Jessie Ventura has referred to it as “Open Bribery”.

When it comes to Corporations, there is as big a split towards them as any issue in the two political parties. The left is unhappy because Corporations are allowed to give ungodly collective sums to political candidates, thus allowing them to have much more influence over a candidate than the actual people… you know, the human kind who vote for them. The right is pissed because taxes on Corporations is too high… And they are. We have one of the highest Corporate tax rates in the world. This is a big factor in making US made products more expensive than imports, and contributes to the decision of companies to move operations overseas, taking much needed jobs with them.

So, what do we do about this?

Read more »

Glenn Greenwald – Dishonest Blogger??? Patterico – Criticism Is Lacking Something… Perspective. UPDATE X 3

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On the one hand, from what I’ve read on his blog, though I don’t think I’ve ever used him as a source for anything, Greenwald seems knowledgeable enough on the stuff that I’ve read. On the other hand, Patterico says he uses cheap party trick to make conservative bloggers seem disreputable, cherry picking, as it were. P says Greenwald’s hidden point was to show that conservative blogger Allahpundit was being irresponsible when covering the Fort Hood shootings. Here is Patterico’s assertion:

Greenwald’s implication is clear: right-wing blogger Patterico shouldn’t have recommended Allahpundit’s coverage — and right-wing blogger Glenn Reynolds shouldn’t have linked Patterico’s recommendation of Allahpundit.

Was Greenwald really trying to smear conservative bloggers? Read more »

Stu, You Lazy Bastard!

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The list is here!!!!!

Stupid Dog!!!!

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While we were taking the dogs to the dog park, this dog actually jumped out of the car while I was driving. Luckily, Greg had the leash around his wrist so the dog had a controlled fall, and we were just starting to accelerate when the light turned green and I wasn’t going that fast; I was just about stopped when he made contact with the ground. Odo had a soft landing and didn’t go splat. He wasn’t phased at all. He got back in the car as if nothing happened.


For My Sister-In-Law Ashley

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nice rack

Nice Rack.

Stolen From: Caption This.