A Favorite “Whole” Album

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Ann Althouse has a post note some of her favorite albums, and note one that she feels is great from beginning to end. I figured I’d get in on the game.

One whole album that deserves mention is by David Baerwald, one of the “Davids” from the 1986 duo of David and David. He put out an album in 92 called Triage.

It’s dark…

I mean REALLY dark!

Darker than the darkiest Pink Floyd!

He was pissed at the world (and at GHW Bush, as indicated in the liner notes). As one writer put it, it contains “bleak tales of addiction, paranoia and broken dreams”. Normally, I don’t gravitate toward that kind of stuff, I’m a happy guy and lean more toward Squeeze / XTC / Crowded House-ish type stuff. Also, being a libertarian, I’m not in line with his uber-liberal leanings. But the first track, which features a rare appearance by hornster (and personal fave) Herb Alpert, with its story of taking a car ride with the Devil, is totally hypnotic. I didn’t like the rest of the album at first, but I’ll be damned if it didn’t burrow under my skin and become a favorite.

The last two tracks of the album see an emergence from the darkness and offer hope, love, and redemption. The last track offers one of the best love songs ever recorded. Generally, I don’t like love songs because they usually feel forced and insincere. I mean, really, how many times can you hear someone singing “Baby, I love you… Ooh, Ooh, Baby” before your teeth rot out from the spoon fed sap and you want to blow your brains out due to monotony! And it sound so fake, like something you’d hear in a bad porno movie. “Born For Love” IS NOT one of those songs:

♫Every morning when I rise
I wipe the sleep out from my eyes
Ask myself the question why oh why
Was I born

I go out wandering the ripped up streets
Bodies on the sidewalk huddling for heat
The whole world looking like some losing streak
Why was I born?

I get home and you’re not there
But your clothes are hanging and your scent’s in the air
If it aint an answer I don’t care
Why I was born

I was born to love you
I was born to love you
I was born for love♫

Now THAT’S a real description of what true love can be.