“I have other songs…”.

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Classic!!!! Plus, a different scene from a different episode at the end of this clip: “I wondered where he was hiding”. 🙂

It’s Alive. It’s Alive! It’s Alive!!!!

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Here is one of the songs I performed on Friday night…

Without my bass…

Just me and my awesome Taylor 614CE, strumming and sing as if I were a somebody!

All alone on stage! All by my little lonesome… First time… Ever!

What? How did this happen??? When did I become a guitardist???

After all, I’ve never craved being THE STAR! The center of attention. The main attraction!!! I mean, I have always loved being on stage with a band, making music, wearing crazy hats, and having a blast rocking out with the guys. I’m always been happy being the goof bass player.

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