Caption This Wednesday

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Considering the Empire’s consequences for parking violations, Charles understandably crapped his pants.

“Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of a bad economy stays the Kalifornia Air Resources Board from the swift completion of their search for carbon emissions violators”

“Dang, AAA has really improved their tow tucks!”

“Uhm… I think we took a wrong turn somewhere… Could you please point the way to the rebel base?”

V The K – Comment Winner: Maybe if the Senate had bothered to read the START Treaty, they would have realized Russia gets to build as many of those things as they want

Christmas Songs For The Children.

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I have no money to give for them.. So instead, I sing.

As we speak, I’m making copies of Christmas Carol lyrics for the San Joaquin Valley Children’s Hospital charity gig tonight! A bunch of Fresno’s local musicians perform Christmas Carols for the children, many who are terminally ill and may not make it. Of all the playing and gig’s I’ve done in my 25 years of playing, this little one hour thing is one that I am most proud to be involved with.

Anyone else do some charity work, either with song or other contributions?

PS. Copies are made, now it’s time to go refresh “Silent Night” on mandolin. Will only be the second time I’ve played mandolin in front of a live audience. Will be fun.