“I WAS WRONG!!!!!” There, I Said It!

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Just so my little brother can see that I’m willing to issue a mea culpa when I make a mistake. Here is my comment on a friends Facebook page this morning. He asked:

?”Is Amazon’s Book Censorship Going Too Far By Banning Only Gay Rape Fiction?

I said:

No. Any merchant should be free to sell, or not sell, anything they wish. That is not censorship. Amazon is geared to be a main-stream market, and even though they sell a very wide variety of stuff, it’s still a mass market site. Lets face it, this book in not ever going to appeal to the mass market.

I mean, come on! They can’t sell everything! After all… Amazon does not sell dildo’s…

And upon further inquiry…

Holy Crap!!! They DO sell dildos!!!!!

So see Throb, I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong!!!!

Jeez! The lengths I will go to to prove my integrity…

PS. This is my favorite item for sale. It appeals to the craftsman in me.