He Is Not A Jedi Yet…. Apparently.

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Who knew when they elected Obama for President, Bill Clinton would end up being President….. I thought that was the reason not to elect Hillary? And does this mean we now have two Vice Presidents?????

Putting aside the acute strangeness of the Clinton / Obama news conference in and of itself, there is one thing that was really peculiar that I don’t know if anyone has picked up on. When Clinton steps to the podium, man, he looks so at ease… He was born to do this.

What about the guy standing beside him… you know… the other President. I was watching the video of the conference… and suddenly… something… was gnawing at me… something seemed strange…

Then, it dawned on me…

The angle of Obama’s gaze… The absolute unwavering attention given to his predecessor….

Is… He… studying him?????

I mean… Look at him. He can’t… take… his… eyes… away.

Not even for a few precious seconds.

It’s as if he’s absorbing every nuance he possibly can!

If you can find some of the CNN footage, their camera’s were angled facing directly at Obama. I swear you can see him scanning, as if he were a computer calculating how to reproduce the charm that is Clinton’s gift. Don’t be surprised if, at the next Obama presser, he tries to emulate some of Clinton’s mannerisms.

PS: NOTE: President Obama, respectfully, please DO NOT do the whole bite the lower lip thing. It was annoying then, and, as a mimicked move, it would be even more-so now.