Ted Turner In The News

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Ah, Ted Turner – Against all odds and the nay-sayers, you built a cable empire, won the Americas Cup, did all sorts of things that made me admire your drive and business savvy. I kind of admired you. You were a doer!…

And then you went all meshugana on us. Yes, maybe you were always just a little crazy. But maybe that was one of the ingredients that fuel your drive for the accomplishments, something that used to be part of your charm. Now that you’ve turned the knob to 11, it’s just sad. Not that I took you that seriously before, especially when it came to your environmental views, but, after watching this, I REALLY can’t take you seriously!

PS. This is an alternate version, with different voices. The original version, for reasons that are as nutty as Ted Turner, banned from being shown in the US, due to copyright issues!

This video contains content from Adult Swim EMEA, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

As the kids like to say… WTF!

PPS. Here’s the original!

From The “Oops” File.

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To show how Republicans are the party of reasonableness and political virtue, Jennifer Rubin exclaims:

[David] Brooks opined that Republicans were incapable of compromise. He argued that if a deficit deal with 99 percent spending cuts and 1 percent tax hikes were proposed, they’d reject it. Well, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell just brokered a deal that includes a year extension of unemployment benefits. Frankly, the tax agreement doesn’t give the Republicans 99 percent of what they wanted (maybe 90 percent) and yet they willingly made the deal. Perhaps, Brooks has underestimated the degree to which canny deal-makers are now in charge of the Republican House and Senate caucuses.

Republicans are also in revolt over this thing! Oops!

? “Today I Am Still Disconnected, To The Face That I Saw In The Clouds…” ?

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Brilliant! This whole song is brilliant!