Caption This Redux

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Although they’ve been cutting down the size of the product portions, Cracker Jack has doubled… no, make that tripled down on the stick’em-on tattoos!

How nature says “Stay Away”!

Sad thing is….. Chicks really dig him.

They guys at the tattoo removal joint in Corcoran State Penitentiary just popped a massive woody!

Noting that Kyle was not very talkative during his multiple sessions, the state appointed psychologist found him very difficult to read…..

Stolen From: V The K

Scotsman Loses Austrailian Open

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Well Duh!!!!!

Caption This Sunday

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tiny ann1

tiny anncer

Drudge Headline:

Dirty Blog Secret Revealed! – Althouse paid under table to be Limbaugh lackey!

(source: WND)

♫ Galaxy Glue, Galaxy Glue, what would we do without Galaxy Glue…. ♫

♫… Hold me closer tiny Ann-cer… ♫

Unlike her larger counterpart, who finally found happiness in the arms of her true love, Little Anne is still looking for her Mini-Meade!

Needless to say, her carbon footprint is tiny in comparison to Al Gore’s….

Stolen From: Ann Althouse